Grant Faulkner, the Executive Director of National Novel Writing Month, wrote (I’m perhaps paraphrasing) “It takes a village to write a novel.” My immediate thought was – “Of course, I had a village.”

It began with the cousin who casually mentioned the letters her father had saved, letters written by his sister during the Second World War. I elaborate on  the discovery in The Evolution of the Novel”.

My grandchildren asked so many questions over the years they’ve heard more about the book than anyone else but me. Throughout the writing process my daughter and son-in-law were resources innumerable times. My faithful critique group worked with me for close to eight years. My village includes the California Writers Club where I learned so much from workshops and speakers and other members.

Thanks to Love, Sarah, I met my friend, Warren, whose reminiscences made the Japanese-American experience more real for me. He shared stories of his family, and how their internment affected each of them. After a short time in the Topaz internment Camp. Warren joined the Army and was chosen for the newly established Military Intelligence School -- but that is another, longer story. A photograph of him appears on “The Story” page. His favorite picture is the one on the Home page – in a sailor suit when he was three years old.

Thank you all for your help!